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TakeAir is a leader and pioneer in biological air treatments with micro-organisms to create a healthier and more pleasant indoor experience for building users worldwide. We support our customers including care centers, companies, hotels, sports clubs, and schools to create the best possible environment for their building users and brand themselves as forward-thinking.

The TakeAir team shares a strong motivation for the indoor climate and a diverse mix of skills. Alongside the core team stands a strong network of collaborating laboratories, researchers, examinators, investors, and believers. We’re constantly experimenting, learning, and evolving. We share results and are driven to make a change.

Our goal is to create buildings with a biosphere of their own, producing a healthy indoor and outdoor climate. We gladly welcome like-minded people that see the importance of a qualitative indoor space. TakeAir embodies to create this thanks to a diverse and stable indoor microbiome. Do you have an environmental change you’d like to discuss or would you like to find out how we work? Get in touch!

Meet the team

TakeAir is a team of doers that share a strong drive to improve indoor environments for all. We experiment, create, learn, and adapt. Our goal is to create an environment in buildings that allows humans to thrive.

Our team is supported by a strong network of top laboratories, independent researchers, committed investors, and technology-partners. This enables us every day to make a difference for thousands of building users.

Stijn Vanderschuren

Stijn Vanderschuren

Project and Policy Assistent

Jo Pannecoucke

Jo Pannecoucke

Founding Father

William Van Parys

William Van Parys

Business Development Associate

Our strategical partners

Avecom is an innovative spin-off from Ghent University that specializes in steering and optimizing microbiological processes.

Technolab is an independent Dutch laboratory specialised in microbial mapping of the indoor spaces.

Bronkhorst is the international leader in low flow fluidics handling technology

Managing Information Flows And Documents. Arco’s core business is to capture information, to process it in digital workflows, and then to save, share, convert and deliver it.

Lechler offers you a complete range of spray nozzle technology to solve many application requirements across a range of industries

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