Research And Development Engineer

TakeAir is developing and commercialising Biotechnological Air Management systems. Our Biospheric Ventilation technology is centrally installed on the HVAC system and eliminates airborne pathogens, enriches the air with beneficial organisms, with sustainable and ecological processes. For the further development of our technology, we are looking for an R&D engineer to strengthen our team.

Our mission is to accelerate the innovation and R&D process of our Biospheric Air treatment technology called Biospheric Ventilation. TakeAir provides solutions through a synergy of systematic methodology, multidisciplinary skills and cross-industry learning. We are looking for enthusiastic and dynamic scientists/engineers who are innovation-minded. As an R&D innovation engineer, you will be involved in project and research support for:

  • Technological research (technology mapping, landscaping, trend analysis, foresight …).
  • Providing insights to develop new products & technologies.
  • Solving technological problems in production processes.
  • Identification of new applications and markets for existing technologies.
  • Interacting with our client’s R&D stakeholders: interfacing with progress and consulting.

You will be based in our offices in Ghent, Belgium, and will have the opportunity to travel across Europe and Northern America on regular occasions.

TakeAir is looking for enthusiastic and dynamic scientists/engineers with the following skills and characteristics:

  • Scientific master’s degree or PhD in Bio-engineering, Biotechnology or Chemistry
  • Experience: 2-3 years of experience
  • Fluent in English (oral and written); Dutch is a plus.
  • Excellent analyst, eager to dive into new topics, capable of performing high-level and in-depth research.
  • Excellent communication & presentation skills.
  • You enjoy a good discussion with renowned experts and confidently defend your insights.
  • Team player, but we like those strong-minded characters too

You go up and beyond what is necessary because you search for:

  • A challenging and international working climate.
  • A young and dynamic team to work in.
  • Opportunities to work in an extensive range of industries.
  • You’ll get the necessary space to work independently, but also the support from other stakeholders if deemed necessary
  • Your work will receive visibility to R&D leaders of major technological corporates throughout Western Europe

Are you interested in what we do? Excited to join our team? Contact us with the form at the end of the page.

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