TakeAir Certification Program

How close to nature is your indoor environment?

First, of its kind, TakeAir Certification Program delivers a revolutionary audit of your indoor environment regarding several parameters crucial to creating a healthy & suitable indoor environment that mimics nature.

The TakeAir Certification Program is built by industry professionals and a team of experts who deliver a certificate of technical and microbial excellence for the indoor environment.

The certification delivers innovation in 4 major parts and is divided into two phases. The successful completion of both phases results in the TakeAir certificate of quality. In the first phase we deliver:

  • An in-depth assessment of the building and indoor environment by TakeAir

  • Technical audit of the ventilation system

  • Microbial audit of the indoor environment

  • Installation certification for the Biospheric Air Treatment

In the second phase six months after phase one we revisit the building and communicate the impact of the Air treatment of TakeAir delivered. We reevaluate the first phase and generate a report on the beneficial nature of the indoor environment possesses.


The audit examines the independent assessment provided by TakeAir

In the audit, we look to optimize your indoor environment regarding several parameters crucial in creating a healthy & suitable indoor environment.

The audit outcome is also the basis on which we build the Biospheric Index.

The audit focuses on optimizing four main domains:


Technological performance of air supply systems


Biological analysis of the current microbial landscape


The impact the indoor air has on the people


The sustainability of the indoor environment.


The status quo of the indoor environment before TakeAir is audited and communicated (first reference). The certificate is then six months after TakeAir installation is completed again audited (second reference).

The impact the TakeAir service made on the indoor environment between the first reference and the second reference is consolidated in the TakeAir Certificate.

The TakeAir certificate is derived from the Biospheric Index. A visual communication tool that shows the characteristic benefits of your indoor environment, and how improved it is in relation to the status quo and the outside air quality.

The initial Biospheric Index score is our first measure point from which we start our certification journey.

Certification Process

1) TakeAir runs an assessment, to check the conditions of your building.

2) TakeAir receives the report and compares it to audit standards. (Biospheric Index standards.)

3) TakeAir calculates the index on the audit

4) With the first biospheric index score is the start of the certificate program.

5) 6 months later TakeAir comes back and does the same assessment and certificate the impact TakeAir makes with its system.

With the TakeAir certificate, you have one of the first benchmarks on microbial air quality and a continuous program that ensures conformity to your indoor environment.

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