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TakeAir envisions a stronger core of truth and relevance to the world of tomorrow. Where healthy indoor air is a basic right and should be accessible to all.

We create awareness among people and support buildings in achieving their full potential that meets all standards for infrastructure and energy.

The TakeAir Service delivers a #HappyBuilding

Your building stands out, it’s the only office in the country where people leave healthier than when they came in. People are returning to the office with trust because of the investments you made and which you communicate. You provide air scrubbed of viral pathogens and bioremediation with beneficial organisms. This is an environment that people choose to work in, and gladly leave their home office for.

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where people breathe with confidence

At the following locations, people breathe air as it is designed to breathe. Commercial buildings worldwide are suffering to get people back indoors. These companies took the first step to regain trust and offer a safe space, bringing people back to their building.

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News 11/08/2021 - TakeAir selected as a finalist for international event Plug and Play, Silicon Valley

Healthy Buildings Conference - Hawaii, 2021

News 02/08/2021 - TakeAir selected to present Sea-Aeration at an international conference in Hawaii

The paradigm shift for enriched environments in buildings

News 19/07/2021 - Accredited company Vincotte supports BioRemediation of indoor spaces to achieve an enriched environment