Lead people back inside

Innovation is at the core of TakeAir’s identity. We work with companies where safety and sustainability are the key principles.

At the following locations, people breathe air as it is designed to breathe. Commercial buildings worldwide are suffering to get people back indoors. These companies took the first step to regain trust and offer a safe space, bringing people back to their building.

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Update 3/5/21

We can now conclude due to ongoing research that we have obtained an improvement where we capture 92% of particles and 99% of particle mass captures, this with only an 8.2 Pa increase in pressure drop resulting in a total of 15.4 Pa pressure loss in our current set-up.

Revive x WATT the firms

WATT the firms is the leading and most innovative player for co-sharing offices on the market today. We are already providing bioremediation for a healthy environment, now removal of viral pathogens is the next step.

Housing project YUST

In spring 2019, YUST opened its doors in Antwerp. The housing project combines a restaurant, private rooms, hostel, and lofts for long-stay in one stylish building. Now, YUST succeeded to be the first residential building in Europe to collaborate with TakeAir to create an optimal indoor climate.