A look back at our R&D operations and amazing partnerships that leads to the incredible growth of our company.

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Novel idea development by founder and CEO of TakeAir Jo Pannecoucke.


R&D on TakeAir Bioremediation: designed air probiotics for automatic bio-augmentation of indoor spaces creating a microbial balanced environment.


Bioremediation installed in 8 companies: Proof of concept for enriching microbial biodiversity indoors


R&D on TakeAir Flow Gate: Automated and centralized particle removal based on Flow Dynamics Modeling with a custom anti-viral coating that catches and kills airborne particles with natural elements.

2020: Red Sea Algae Coating for Flow Gate

2022: Plasma coated Citric Acid coating for Flow Gate


Pilot installations of the Biospheric Air treatment in 5 buildings,
Cordeel, AAVO, YUST, Jaspers-Eyers, Revive


TakeAir's unique technology is installed at Alides & CBRE IM, and Befimmo & Group Van Vooren


The Focus of the pilot programs was the efficiency and efficacy of the installed BioRemediation systems in the indoor environment and the health benefits they provided.

Pilot cases 2023 results

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