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The case for biodiversity in the built environment.

21/02/2023 Update - In April 2022 TakeAir started its new pilot case program for the complete Biospheric Air Treatment system. We present out conclusions and insights in this update.

Group Van Vooren: breathing air that is inclusive, sustainable and thriving!

15/11/2022 News - Group Van Vooren has found a clear advantage to improve sustainability and generate the highest quality of working conditions for the air people are breathing. The new HQ is the first beacon to manage and implement such innovation for future operations.

Quantifying the sustainability of your building with TakeAir!

07/11/2022 Update - TakeAir offers renewed business cases to maximise your outcome in achieving environmentally conscious programs such as BREEAM and WELL with the air you breathe. Learn more about how to do this in the following update.

TakeAir Breathing Space: Sponsorship opportunity

AB Lung is currently seeking a key signature candidate who will sponsor the installation of TakeAir’s Biospheric Air Treatment for a 5-year period in the Breathing Space building. This installation will help provide the best quality indoor air for the lung transplant recipients who will fight to regain their strength and vitality at the Breathing Space facility in Edmonton, AB.

Sustainability and tenant well-being is high on the real-estate companies' agenda

24/05/2022 News - A long-term proptech revolution for sustainability & tenant well-being is on the horizon.

Networking event in Amsterdam!

Event on 19 May 2022 - TakeAir is hosting the networking event ESG is in the Air at the World Trade Center in Amsterdam, focused on providing an extremely unique experience, biotechnology for the built environment that creates indoor environments similar to nature.

TakeAir is joining Ghent Proptech Start-UP! Weekend as an industry coach!

News 21/04/2022 - TakeAir invites next generation of innovators and business leaders to focus on PropTech as a way to build a more sustainable future

TakeAir supports ESG-minded Befimmo

News 11/03/22 - The recently announced partnership between Befimmo and TakeAir partnership is a great opportunity to research sustainability of HVAC systems.

Real estate company Befimmo is adding TakeAir to its offering in its Fountain Plaza 3 building!

News 04/03/2022- Befimmo initiates a pilot sustainability project with TakeAir

TakeAir publishes press release on CBRE IM partnership

News 02/03/2022 - Press release on the groundbreaking research and new partnership between TakeAir and CBRE Investment Management

CBRE Investment Management NL includes TakeAir in their ESG report

News 23/02/2022 - Embracing biotech and TakeAir as part of their vision

Real estate investor Alides makes innovation move with Biospheric Air Treatment

News 03/02/2022 - A partnership with TakeAir to deliver a true impact on their indoor air

C-energy & TakeAir are joining forces in a unique partnership!

News 25/01/2022 - We are proud to announce that C-energy and TakeAir are joining forces!

Healthy Buildings Conference: Our Experiences

News 20/01/2022 - The Healthy Buildings Conference is over, here are our learnings.

Attending the Healthy Buildings Conference - America 2021

News 04/01/2022 - TakeAir submitted not one but two abstracts and got selected for both to attend the conference!

Creating Happy Buildings launch event

News 29/11/2021 - Launching the Creating Happy Buildings consortium with an inspiring event

A new milestone for BioRemediation

News 16/11/2021 - Using the microbial landscape to restore air quality, and strengthen the health of the inhabitant.

Rising energy prices may cost your building a fortune

News 09/11/2021 - TakeAir mapped out the rising costs of energy-intense ventilation problems.

PNP Real Estate & Construction - Finalist 2021

News 11/08/2021 - TakeAir selected as a finalist for international event Plug and Play, Silicon Valley

Healthy Buildings Conference - Hawaii, 2021

News 02/08/2021 - TakeAir selected to present Sea-Aeration at an international conference in Hawaii

The paradigm shift for enriched environments in buildings

News 19/07/2021 - Accredited company Vincotte supports BioRemediation of indoor spaces to achieve an enriched environment

Updated research on the antiviral capacity of Carrageenan

Update 07/07/21 - A closer look at the biological product in Sea-Aeration

Catch, kill and rebuild the indoor environment

Update 03/05/21 - Ongoing research shows significant improvement in capturing capacity Sea-Aeration

The leading asset in co-sharing offices is IAQ

News 27/01/2021 - Watt The Firms installs BioTech Air Management

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RT @DrGaryFuller: "52% of all the small particle pollution from road transport came from tyre & brake wear in 2021." Piece by @dpcarringto

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05:02 Feb 23, 2023



RT @MayorofLondon: This little boy spent 12 days in hospital struggling to breathe due to asthma aggravated by London's dirty air. There i…

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05:02 Feb 23, 2023



Full update online: the case for biodiversity in the built environment, research results of pilot program 2022. Read it here:

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05:02 Feb 21, 2023



Pilot cases 2022 results: 🍃 Increased indoor microbial quality (⬆️30%) 🦠 Lowered dominance of indoor pathogens (⬇️20%) 🏡 Two-fold increase of beneficial organisms present. 🧫 A more diversified indoor microbial landscape 🍄 Drastic drop of fungal load for the building (⬇️64%)

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04:02 Feb 16, 2023



Is it possible to create superpowers for the built environment? As well as fighting the triple planetary crisis simultaneously? Benchmarking buildings to understand the potential impact on human health. The indoor microbiome holds the answer. Great meeting with @CBRE_IM

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07:02 Feb 09, 2023

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