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Accreditation for BioRemediation, the ultimate back-to-work SafeZone certificate

The A++ certificate of Vinçotte is not only proof of excellence and high standards. It is progress and innovation knocking at our door. Vinçotte is the first pioneer among accredited inspection and certification bodies to support the BioRemediation of indoor spaces in achieving healthier air. If 92% of the air we breathe is indoors, we deserve only the very best.

Introducing bio-organisms to create a safe and healthy indoor climate is the only option for obtaining true excellence and the A++ rating.
SafeZone Bioremediation

When obtaining the A++ certificate you create a clear competitive advantage in your own market. Differentiation in today's real estate has never been more urgent.

A staggering 25% of people who have worked remotely in the past year want to keep the regime they have created. A strong change in mentality has happened among building users. Vacancy of offices, hotels and buildings is looming in several sectors, where achieving certification can be a huge step forward.

The certificate to breathe with trust: Biospheric Certification

Following Vinçotte, TakeAir and TakeAirLabs offer a certification program that is going beyond compliance. In which we offer a Protect & Promote strategy:

  • Viral load measurement of the indoor environment;
  • Microbial mapping of the indoor environment;
  • A marketing & communication campaign to Promote.
What does this mean? Matching the technicalities of your building (airflow, air rate, Co2 and PM 2.5,...) with the microbial society that lives and thrives in it.

The TALCE21 certificate provides the certified member that the resilience and health of the indoor air quality is state of the art, monitored, and actively improved. Source reduction and exposure reduction strategies work in perfect conditions because of this comprehensive program.

Read the vision around this exciting program here.

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Update 7/07/21

In the continuing R&D of the Sea-Aeration technology which catches and kills viral pathogens in the ventilation system. We bring new insights regarding its antiviral capacity.

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