A new milestone for BioRemediation

A regenerative design for the indoor air with the help of Ammonia Oxidising Bacteria

A new milestone

For our BioRemediation process, we succeeded in finding natural organisms that show regenerative properties for the IAQ and the health of the inhabitant. This regenerative design of our organisms is restoring the air quality (targeting PM2.5 & CO2) and strengthening the health of the inhabitant. Our carefully selected ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) are found everywhere where there is life: lakes, rivers, soil, and (formerly) on our skin. With BioRemediation, we can enjoy the benefits of these organisms in our built environment today.

Dr. Ir. Sylwia Jezierska

Ammonia oxidizing bacteria play a vital role in human wellbeing and the immune system. They also purify the air by decreasing the formation of PM2.5 and use CO2 as a catalyst in turning ammonia into nitrite!

Dr. Ir. Sylwia Jezierska
Lead R&D Engineer

Using ecological processes for the built environment

The scope of application for this technology is immense as most buildings today have a centralized HVAC system in which dispersion of the beneficial natural organism can happen in a direct and practical manner. Today air pollution such as PM2.5 is directly linked to mental health consequences. Tending and assessing the microbial landscape gives us completely new tools to combat indoor pollution on a whole other level.

The capital investment to be made is also substantially smaller as most HVAC systems are already in place and operational. As such the BioRemediation of indoor spaces can be widely applied and start a substantial improvement for our indoor climates. Additionally, this application reduces the need for outside ventilation. This translates into reduced energy use and thus a smaller carbon footprint of existing HVAC systems. The technology itself is built with clean-tech principles and its active component is an all-natural product.

Benefits of AOB organisms

  • Purifies the air by decreasing the formation of PM2.5
  • AOB bacterium catalyzes ammonia to nitrite using CO2
  • Supports immune system responses
  • Protects us from invasive pathogens
  • Safeguards balanced skin microflora
  • Improves aesthetics of your skin by reducing the appearance of wrinkles
  • Increases microbial biodiversity in the environment
  • Decontaminates air by removing toxic ammonia

Safety of AOB

Our specific AOB is found everywhere there is life: lakes, rivers, soil, and (formerly) on our skin. There have never been any reports of illness or disease related to AOB’s and they are literally incapable of causing an infection. Our organisms are upon the most extensively studied ammonia-oxidizing bacterium in the world.

Read the full statement by TakeAirLabs here.

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