Attending the Healthy Buildings Conference -
America 2021

Why we are attending HB21 - America

Our passion for better indoor air and creating a built environment where people don’t just survive, but actually thrive, prompted us to submit our abstracts to this convention. The attendees are all hand-selected professionals in the world of IAQ, and their expertise will be a great learning opportunity for us.

Additionally, TakeAir is one of the driving companies participating in the Creating Happy Business Consortium, and meeting with other inspired experts and companies is an amazing opportunity. Spreading the word of this unique and groundbreaking consortium will lead to more interest and perhaps their participation.

Attending the Healthy Buildings Conference is an opportunity we seize with both hands! We are going to the HB21 - America in order to meet like minded people and companies regarding healthy and even happy buildings.

Kerry Kinney, PhD

This conference will connect the scientific research of ISIAQ’s core membership with the experience of practitioners and technicians in the fields of IAQ pertaining to ventilation, buildings, building maintenance, indoor chemistry, cleaning, disaster restoration, biological contamination, comfort, and health implications of indoor exposures. Special emphasis will be placed on COVID-19 and implications on the indoor environment for this and future generations.

Kerry Kinney, PhD
Conference President

Our submissions on BioRemediation and Sea-aeration

We submitted an abstract on both BioRemediation and Sea-aeration, explaining the benefits of these technologies. It made us very proud and happy to hear that we are allowed to share the insights we have with this interested and motivated community.

BioRemediation is restoring and reviving the natural balance of microbial life in the indoor built environment, a natural and beneficial diversity we lost due to hygiene and strict building protocols.

Our microbial air management system mimics ecological processes from nature. In this process we introduce a diversity of favourable organisms, like the air and its biodiversity one would find in forest or sea regions.

This environmental diversity has a proven effect on the overall quality of air. Which results in a more friendly environment where cognitive and mental functions are boosted.

Sea-Aeration is catching and killing airborne viral pathogens in a centralized position in the existing HVAC system. With our patented, specially designed filter blades, we create a unique air flow dynamic to obtain a catching capacity of 99%.

Additionally, this design makes it possible for the system to be retrofitted on existing HVAC systems without structural changes and achieve a total limited pressure drop of 20 pascal. Directly mitigating our energy consumption and carbon footprint.

When particles are trapped within the blades, we kill 99% of the viral pathogens with the help of a natural product: red sea algae called carrageenan. Our innovation filters pollutants by using natural and renewable resources.

What comes next

During the Healthy Buildings Conference, the TakeAir team will be following along during many interesting studies and presentations from January 18th until 20th. However, we will also be presenting our own solution.

We will be posting updates about the conference and our learnings, so follow along on social media.

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