Real estate company Befimmo is adding
TakeAir to its offering in its
Fountain Plaza 3 building!

News 04/03/2022- Befimmo initiates a pilot sustainability project with TakeAir

Befimmo, a real-estate investor and operator, has joined a partnership with TakeAir. Via this partnership, Biospheric Air Treatment will be added to the Fountain Plaza 3 building, where TakeAir will run a sustainability assessment, aiming to reduce operational carbon when implemented in existing HVAC systems.

In doing so, Befimmo aims to improve the general air quality of its work environments, which benefits its tenants and their well-being. The companies in the Fountain Plaza 3 building will enjoy a beneficial indoor climate! In addition, with this initiative, Befimmo also wants to further strengthen its ESG strategy.

Sustainability and well-being for Fountain Plaza 3

ESG aspects are a natural extension to Befimmo’s corporate strategy, focused on creating value for all its stakeholders, both now and in the long-term. Through conscious decisions like reusing materials, repurposing existing buildings and working hard to lower embodied and operational carbon, Befimmo is making a real change.

Creating a bio-balanced indoor climate thanks to TakeAir is another step in Befimmo’s ambitious plan to accelerate its sustainability focus, not only for the company, but also for its portfolio and its stakeholders.

Befimmo wants to remain a leading player in anticipating future evolutions and adopting best practices from the market, while including ESG aspects at the heart of its strategic reflection.

About Befimmo

Befimmo is a real-estate investor and operator and a Belgian Real-Estate Investment Trust (SIR-GVV). Focused on office buildings, meeting centres and coworking spaces, their high-quality portfolio is located in Brussels, the main Belgian towns and cities, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is worth about €2.8 billion and comprises 61 office buildings and 8 coworking spaces.

Befimmo aims to create environments where people can work, meet, share and live. They are a facilitator of enterprises, entrepreneurs, and their teams. In partnership with their specialised subsidiary Silversquare, they operate coworking spaces and are jointly developing a Belux network of flexible workspaces. They are a one-stop-shop that offers organisations, businesses, entrepreneurs and their teams different office combinations fully in line with their needs and provides the full range of solutions for tomorrow’s hybrid work environment.

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