C-energy & TakeAir are joining forces
in a unique partnership!

News 25/01/2022 - We are proud to announce that C-energy and TakeAir are joining forces!

The word is out: C-energy and TakeAir are joining forces in a unique partnership!

We connected with the team of C-energy, C-innovation and the Cordeel group a while back, and the mutual understanding of our missions was instant. In the past years, we have been partners in crime, working together on innovations. TakeAir also started displaying our unit and information in their showroom, since we both felt our system and service aligned perfectly with their ideology.

The next step: joining forces as official partners.

C-energy, energy-as-a-service

C-energy, part of the Cordeel Group, is the one-stop-shop answer to all energy needs, from energy monitoring, to storage, optimization and trading. They deliver Energy-as-a-Service, a novel concept that helps their customers get higher profits while also doing what is right for the planet.

Their portfolio includes a large selection of solutions that cover all aspects of energy management. By working with experts and true innovators, they help companies to be a first mover and not just respond to the continuously changing energy landscape.

They take pride in being problem solvers, even if companies have not yet run into the problems yet. Their foresight and their first-mover mentality allows them to anticipate trends and technology. C-energy and the other independent companies under Cordeel Group shape the energy management of today and tomorrow.

What is a Super Ambassador?

The C-energy mission is "building a passionate CO2-free future", which aligns perfectly with the TakeAir vision. We share a goal to create a sustainable and better future for everyone. Energy and air in an alliance to make the world happier. That is why TakeAir and C-energy are tightening the bonds and why C-energy will be a Super Ambassador for TakeAir!

C-energy works with technology that is not only new, but also sustainable. Our ambassadorship means that we are going to be in a tight cooperation that is mutually beneficial. C-energy gets this unique status of Super Ambassador for three years!

The beautiful showroom in Temse will be a hub of innovation where the inquisitive clients of C-energy can find the best innovations on the market. Including TakeAir! Our display in the showroom helps to visualise the process by a custom model, lights and our spray system.

We are truly looking forward to this cooperation and our knowledge exchange.

If you can, go visit their showroom in Temse to be wowed by their innovations!

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