CBRE Investment Management NL includes TakeAir
in their ESG report

News 23/02/2022 - Embracing biotech and TakeAir as part of their vision

ESG commitment to well-being

CBRE Investment Management (Netherlands) partners with TakeAir for the office building Nieuw Amsterdam in Amsterdam Southeast, home to Vattenfall and part of the CBRE Dutch Office Fund!

In the building which houses Vattenfall, CBRE IM has made the decision to choose for Biospheric Air Treatment. There, employees will enjoy the unique and beneficial indoor climate TakeAir has to offer.

By including TakeAir and this pilot at the Nieuw Amsterdam building into their ESG report, CBRE Investment Management Netherlands is proud to announce our partnership.

“We are delighted to be the first client of TakeAir to launch the project with. It provides us a unique opportunity to explore and test the implementation of this technology in real-life and real-time situations.”

Hans Staal
Director of Projects NL at CBRE Investment Management


The implementation of TakeAir’s Biospheric Air Treatment underlines the determination of CBRE Investment Management (Netherlands) regarding sustainability and ESG best practices.

With this partnership, TakeAir enters the Dutch market, to be a driving force in creating a bio-balanced indoor climate and happier people. TakeAir is delighted to work with such an innovative and future-minded company on this very exciting pilot.

Next steps

There is another layer to this partnership that TakeAir is very excited to share, but can’t just yet… More updates are coming soon!

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