Group Van Vooren: breathing air that
is inclusive, sustainable and thriving!

Activation of Biospheric Air Treatment at the new HQ in zelzate.

A headquarters built for the future

In their search to build a sustainable, inclusive and thriving workplace GVV turned to TakeAir to upgrade the indoor environmental quality. As the new HQ in Zelzate is a beacon of innovation for their current and future activities they wanted to deliver the highest quality.

As experts in environmental research, they found that nature sets the best example of how to impact the indoor environment. With the help of TakeAir and Biospheric Air Treatment, Group Van Vooren is able to filter polluting air particles in the existing HVAC system with the help of an ecological process that uses natural products and energy efficient matrix system called C-Aeration. This cleantech solution for the central HVAC is an addition to the existing high-performant air supply system. It is safeguarding the quality and microbial balance of the indoor environment.

Next GVV and TakeAir delivered a microbial-enhanced workplace that focuses on balance and favourable indoor microbial conditions. The designed microbiome for indoor treatment by TakeAir will serve several functions in the new HQ. With this Biotechnology in place, they will deliver an environment protecting human skin from pathogen invasion. It decontaminates the air by removing pollutants such as toxic ammonia and stimulates the immune system of the employees who work in it.

The biotechnology of TakeAir uses a holistic approach towards the indoor climate generating an inclusive impact on social and environmental goals.

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The war for talent

With these unique characteristics, the new HQ of GVV will play a pivotal role in the war for talent. The group is striving toward environmental research of the highest quality it is only logical that employees thrive in the same conditions.

In the recruiting process of new talent, the high-quality environment will be leveraged as an exceptional and unique trait of working at the company.

Recruiting and retaining employees will be possible in a health-conscious environment. That means that employees of GVV have the opportunity to become more self-aware about one’s health and be introduced to the health and wellness-promoting environment to work in. The new HQ takes a human-centric approach to a whole new level by generating direct benefits for its employees and the air they breathe. With such innovation present at the HQ they expect to attract like-minded people to help build the story of GVV and expand this path of progress.

As GVV is already making an impact on society since 1972 they are keen to cooperate and investigate the topic of Biospheric Air Treatment. With the installation of TakeAir systems, GVV will play an active role in the continuous research of microbial technologies for the built environment.

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ESG commitments.

As ESG aspects are a natural continuation of GVV’s corporate strategy, they are looking to expand commitments even further in the future. This will further build on earlier commitments such as a fully electrified car park and docking stations.

With TakeAir the group will start to quantify its sustainability and start linking different actors of sustainability. Determining what impact the company is making on the climate also what the impact is of the climate on the company.

TakeAir’s approach is focused on creating higher value for the new HQ with less impact on the environment. For the social aspect of ESG, TakeAir actively works towards improving the health and well-being of people inside the building. Environmental impact is realised by mitigating the operational and embodied carbon of the TakeAir ecological filter solution. Here we also provide informative tools such as dashboards and assessments to determine where win-win situations occur or mitigating actions are required.

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