Healthy Buildings Conference: Our Experiences

This year’s topic of the Healthy Buildings Conference was Bridging the Gap Between Research & Practice - In the Age of COVID-19 and Beyond and a virtual conference. And that is exactly what TakeAir stands for. The age of COVID-19 has taught us that the air we breathe can make us sick! Out of crisis comes opportunity, we bridge the gap and offer just that. The topic and attendees were all perfect in line with the TakeAir mission, and we were honored to be selected to attend.

The world of healthy buildings is ever-moving. It is really awe-inspiring and interesting to learn about the many inventions and the amount of research going into the built environment. The indoor environment needs to radically change: no need to plug in or switch in, you get all the benefits from standing there. Mixing the built and the organic world. That is what your indoor environment can do for you!

Dr. Ir. Sylwia Jezierska

“The Hb2021 symposium invites academics and practitioners to discuss and collaborate, so that together they accelerate the indoor air quality revolution. We are proud to share our research with a community that serves society by continuously fighting for the quality of the air they breathe!”

Dr. Ir. Sylwia Jezierska
Leading R&D Engineer

Our experience during the Conference

How much do you know about the microbial diversity in your indoor environment? And why is it so important for our physical and mental health? These were just some of the questions we raised during TakeAir’s presentation. Discussing the topics of microbes, cleaning and infection risks for the built environment was a wonderful opportunity to connect with peers and like minded persons.

There were so many opportunities to learn from the greats in the field, but it was also a wonderful experience to hear the third party scientific approval. Our R&D scientist Sylwia Jezierska received praise for her work and method and enjoyed talking to others dedicated to the science behind healthy buildings.

Stijn Vanderschuren

“We want to thank the Healthy Buildings America 2021 organization for a great conference experience. We had a fantastic time presenting our Biospheric Air Treatment to a wide audience of academics and professionals from all over the world.”

Stijn Vanderschuren
Project & Policy - TakeAirLabs

What is next?

In the near future, we are looking forward to strengthening our connections with the experts in our field. TakeAir is part of the Creating Happy Buildings Consortium, and its purpose is to further scientific research on what makes buildings not only contribute to our health, but also to our happiness.

In the meantime, special thanks to our lead researcher dr. Sylwia Jezierska for an outstanding presentation and an applause to the rest of the team, Stijn Vanderschuren and David Downey!

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