A healthy indoor environment for all
hotel visitors

Hotel Yust offers customers a luxury holiday for their lungs

Spending the night in this hotspot is just as healthy as camping out in the woods. Contact with nature has a great impact on your mood, benefiting your well-being and general happiness. The natural balance of the ecosystem can, fortunately, be fully restored. In this way, you experience the same fresh, blushing feeling as in the heart of the forest.

St├ęphane Verbeeck, CEO Gands Group and founder of YUST, supports this concept:

"With the YUST building, which was built on sustainable practices, we are already providing our residents with self-produced green electricity and now we are also working to improve the air quality. In this way, YUST will also be a 'happy' building: optimal air quality has a positive impact on the productivity and happiness of our guests."

Outside air can be highly polluted in the city center of Antwerp which means opening a window is not always a good idea. So how about the indoor air? According to specialists, the air quality inside a building can be just as bad as the air outside in a big city. Moreover, it can have a bad impact on our health.

Through the ventilation system, TakeAir diffuses positive organisms into the building. Although guests do not notice the presence of the system, a healthier indoor climate does improve their well-being.

Nienke Verwer

"At YUST we believe in the power of online customer reviews. This means we need to take excellent care of our guests. Biospheric Ventilation is part of that"

Nienke Verwer
Marketing Manager
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