Motena brings forest to kids

It's been our pleasure to help them turn their daycare center into a real indoor forest!

Those who come into frequent contact with nature from an early age see a lifelong health improvement. At KIDZ, we want to bring nature inside the shelter. Because spending time in nature regularly means feeling better about yourself. For young children, a daily (brief) contact with nature immediately results in lower blood pressure and at a later age and better mental resilience.

Our working group and KIDZ Rumbeke looked into how valuable elements of nature can be added in our indoor space. Our first step in realizing this green objective is the integration of the innovative air treatment system TakeAir. This unique system in which the air in buildings is improved by dispersing positive organisms through ventilation ducts is unprecedented for childcare institutions. Our community firmly believes in the values and norms that TakeAir delivers. A sustainable world for the future of our children

Bart Wenes

The service of TakeAir is part of a bigger picture that perfectly fits the Motena mindset: We want to introduce nature indoors by adding more green elements, natural air and lighting. All this to create a healthier environment for our kids, employees and all visitors

Bart Wenes
Chairman Motena
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Housing project YUST

In spring 2019, YUST opened its doors in Antwerp. The housing project combines a restaurant, private rooms, hostel, and lofts for long-stay in one stylish building. Now, YUST succeeded to be the first residential building in Europe to collaborate with TakeAir to create an optimal indoor climate.