PNP Real Estate & Construction -
Finalist 2021

TakeAir selected as a finalist for international event Plug and Play, Silicon Valley

TakeAir is pitching its Biospheric Ventilation at the Plug and Play Real Estate and Property Management platform. During this event, TakeAir has the opportunity to connect with forward-thinking corporations that go beyond compliance. Some of these corporates include Cushman & Wakefield, Wanda Group, and Aareal Bank. Our pitch categorizes under the subject Construction & Robotics, Real Estate & Property Management, and Cross Vertical Applications.

Buildings have the power to combat Covid-19 and make all building stakeholders more resilient and more healthy than before.

TakeAir redefines the built environment. All living elements (humans, but also microbes and bacteria) within our buildings work together in a connected ecological system, called a Biosphere. When we measure, control, and maintain this precious ecosystem, it affects our productivity, concentration, and health. Looking to the future, Biospheric Ventilation also makes us healthier, stronger, and more resilient for future outbreaks.

Over the past two years, our built environment has been subjected to radical change. A paradigm shift for Indoor Air Quality has a lasting effect on our society and it is becoming a workplace prevention domain. An essential for every built environment. But how do we deliver something tough to manage, let alone improve or enhance?

TakeAir examines the microbial and viral presence in buildings, from which data is extracted. This concept is part of Real Estate 4.0. These data-driven actions give the built environment the tools to implement and react to pollutants, such as CO2, PM2.5 and viral pathogens. The measurements of this data help buildings improve significantly.

The Biosphere in a built environment is a coherence of

  • the ventilation system performance;
  • the microbial environment;
  • the viral load;
  • the safety and security measurements;
  • the interconnectivity.
Considering these parameters as a single unit is the first step in positively changing the built environment and the air we breathe.
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