TakeAir publishes press release on CBRE
IM partnership

News 02/03/2022 - Press release on the groundbreaking research and new partnership between TakeAir and CBRE Investment Management

Global interest

PropertyEU, the Associated Press, Yahoo Finance, Morningstar and over 80 others have picked up the press release TakeAir sent out on our partnership with CBRE Investment Management. We were delighted to see the press release appear in many of such an esteemed and influential publications.

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Jo Pannecoucke

“TakeAir believes in buildings that aim for a better tomorrow, buildings that focus on sustainability and the well-being of their occupants. Biospheric Air Treatment will help the world reopen again after COVID-19, help everyone that inhabits buildings to feel happy and safe about their indoor air, and will prepare the world for the next pandemic.”

Jo Pannecoucke
Founding Father TakeAir

Groundbreaking research in the European real estate market

CBRE Investment Management is working with TakeAir for their Nieuw Amsterdam building, which houses Vattenfall, to do a unique scientific research project! In this project, we go beyond the practical. TakeAir and CBRE Investment Management are working together to create happier people and happier buildings that go beyond clean air.

The goal: make the return to the office safe, enjoyable and sustainable in the long run.

This study into the human value of a bio-balanced indoor climate will be conducted in cooperation with a group of scientists of multiple disciplines. Through their expertises, TakeAir can collect and compare the data on the state of the indoor microbiome as well as the well-being of the people inside the building.

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