Quantifying the sustainability of your building
with TakeAir!

With Biospheric Air Treatment, we offer a more practical, approachable, and easier pathway in achieving certain levels of certification for BREEAM and WELL programs.

The value of a sustainable building is a wide topic that receives much attention from a wide range of actors and industries. The process of quantifying it is ever-evolving as its value of it is constantly growing and adding new elements.

The business case is maximising sustainability. And the air we breathe has a vast amount of untapped potential to do so. Air is a part of a building’s life cycle from the first stone to the last. Maximising sustainability with air has begun with a paradigm shift where health and productivity take the lead. New regulations are already pushing for stricter norms such as the Revision of the Ambient Air Quality Directives by the EU Parliament. To manage and control these parameters we have biotechnology to connect with the tiniest matter and generate real impact.

Several certificate companies in environmentally conscious building design such as BREEAM and WELL lead the way in quantifying such sustainability.

With TakeAir we offer a system and platform on which certain levels of certification can be obtained with more ease and efficiency, next to maximising sustainability efforts for the air. Creating a future-proof platform which can evolve with the innovations of its time.

Health and Wellbeing with BREEAM

For BREEAM the following categories are supported and strengthened by the Biospheric Air Treatment system. By installing and employing this ecological service in your building you add an additional layer of resilience and sustainability to support your road towards higher BREEAM credit scoring.

Hea 02 Indoor air quality

  • Minimising sources of air pollution
  • Adaptability - potential for natural ventilation
  • Indoor air quality plan
  • Ventilation
  • post-construction indoor air quality measurement
  • Adaptability - Potential for natural ventilation

Looking to upgrade your WELL notation, or just get started?

TakeAir’s biotechnology offers several advantages and innovative strengths in supporting the following WELL features. With the Biospheric Air Treatment you add an additional layer of resilience to your building and support your WELL features. Find out how we do this in the news bulletin in the comments.

  • A01 Air Quality
  • A05 Enhanced Air Quality
  • A06 Enhanced Ventilation Design
  • A08 Air Quality Monitoring and Awareness
  • A12 Air Filtration
  • A13 Enhanced Supply Air
  • T06: Thermal Comfort Monitoring
  • T07 Humidity Control
  • M07 Restorative Spaces
  • C07 Enhanced Health and Well-Being Promotion
  • WELL innovation points

In general, the impact of air on our sustainable goals is diverse:

SDG 17: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

TakeAir helps by providing high-quality reliable data by employing the latest sensor technology and survey programs. In gathering data on environmental quality and demographic access to health services and environments we promote a higher standard of living and deliver the insights to do so.

SDG 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

TakeAir offers several advantages to this topic:

  • Bio-enhanced air that is optimized and monitored.
  • Create environments that have the recourses and services to support the mental and physical health of people.
  • Support psychological health through indoor exposure to natural beneficial elements
  • Design new programming, policies and designs that promote healthy living environments.
  • Minimize volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by installing innovative biotech solutions.

SDG 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

The biotechnology of TakeAir helps in promoting transparency for the built environment and the air people are breathing. We assess the indoor environment in relation to the outdoor environment and thus span our scope and impact well beyond the built environment alone.

This assessment creates an opportunity to restrict evaluate and restrict hazardous elements that would otherwise pollute or contaminate more than needed. Minimizing negative impacts on human and environmental health.

Our system is built to continuously support sustainable activities and keeps building on modernized infrastructure trough air quality, sensors and dashboard systems.

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