Real estate investor Alides makes innovation
move with Biospheric Air Treatment

Real estate innovator Alides and BioTech company TakeAir are joining forces in a partnership to boost environmental and social goals. The Biospheric Air Treatment system will be integrated, further diversifying and strengthening the Alides portfolio. In this partnership, they will push innovation in the real estate and PropTech sector. The Anguli building will have its own Biosphere, a natural and beneficial indoor experience in which technology and biology are improving the daily lives of its employees.
The biotechnology of TakeAir systems showed several sustainable wins in the laboratory which will now be researched in the environmental pilot. Through this, the specific aide TakeAir offers to Alides’ ESG goals is measured.

Jo Pannecoucke

TakeAir is committed to working sustainably, creating a circular product and service and eliminating the industry’s contributions to the global waste problem. Alides similarly holds sustainability and innovation high in their standards.

Jo Pannecoucke
Founding Father

About Alides

With the unique profile of international real estate investor and developer, Alides guarantees a total approach with attention to innovation, quality and sustainability. Their absolute focus is on residential real estate and offices in cities and city center locations.

With its years of expertise as a real estate investor and developer, Alides wants to further expand its position as a national and international real estate player. In Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland, the focus is on (mixed) urban office developments and residential real estate.

Its mission as "your partner in real estate" stems from the family roots of the Ghent Group Maes (founded in 1892) and translates into a comprehensive approach with attention to quality, sustainability and innovation. Today, Alides has a real estate portfolio of approximately €500 million and a development pipeline of approximately €500 million.

Introducing Biospheric Air Treatment to Anguli

The Anguli offices will have the full Biospheric Air Treatment system at their disposal. The central air supply is now using a nature-based solution to catch and kill viral pathogens. The indoor climate has been rebalanced through soil and forest organisms which counteract indoor pollutants, improve the immune system and safeguard the skin microflora.

With the IoT-connected interfaces, Alides can track the air quality concerning their indoor microbial landscape. Unique in the real estate sector and delivering new value to their offices. The data generated by the IoT system is then translated into a user-friendly dashboard for the employees to consult and understand the indoor air.

Moving forward

Understanding the next moves in energy consumption and carbon footprint are important to create a system and service that are beneficial for both the building and the climate. Alides is committed to creating change in the real estate sector, and their TakeAir partnership is testament to this.

Through this partnership with TakeAir, member of the Creating Happy Buildings Consortium, Alides shows additional dedication to their ESG’s and the sustainability goals that are at the core of their business. We are proud to be a partner of Alides!

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