The leading asset in co-sharing offices
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Watt The Firms installs BioTech Air Management

WATT The Firms is the leading and most innovative player for co-sharing offices on the Belgian market today. TakeAir already provides BioRemediation for an enriched indoor environment. Now the removal of viral pathogens is the next step to ensure the most healthy and safe air to breathe.

With several meeting rooms, event spaces, and desks for hire you can expect a very high degree of people entering and leaving. In today’s world an absolute unreal situation. Removing airborne particles from this space would give oxygen for the building owner to start planning and rebuilding their connection with interested partners, clients and visitors. As the only building in Belgium and the world with this kind of technology, the media attention and attraction from interested companies would be unprecedented for the Ghent-based Office space.

WATT The Firms embraces our vision for a sustainable and bright future. One where solutions are presented and no restrictions. With TakeAir’s service in your building, we want people to breathe with confidence. A whole new amenity for this kind of hospitality and be sustainable as well.
Wouter Braeckman

"I’ve noticed that people here are more aware of the impact of indoor air quality on their health. Knowledge is the first step to stimulate change."

Wouter Braeckman
General Manager at WATT The Firms
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