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A world first airborne particle catcher for ventilation systems.

The mix of small and big offices (68m2 to 343m2), meeting rooms and event spaces that are housed in WATT the Firms makes it the ideal setting for our out of the lab model to be active. With several meeting rooms, event spaces and desks for hire you can expect a very high degree of people entering and leaving. In today’s world an absolute unreal situation. Removing airborne particles from this space would give oxygen for the building owner to start planning and rebuilding their connection with interested partners, clients and visitors. As the only building not only in Belgium but the world with this kind of technology the media attention and attraction from interested companies would be unprecedented for the Ghent based Office space.

WATT the firms embraces our vision for a sustainable and bright future. One where solutions are presented and no restrictions. With TakeAir’s service in your the building, we want people to breathe with confidence. A whole new amenity for this kind of hospitality and be sustainable as well.
Wouter Braeckman

"I’ve noticed that people here are more aware of the impact of indoor air quality on their health. Knowledge is the first step to stimulate change."

Wouter Braeckman
Community Manager @ WATT The Firms
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Housing project YUST

In spring 2019, YUST opened its doors in Antwerp. The housing project combines a restaurant, private rooms, hostel, and lofts for long-stay in one stylish building. Now, YUST succeeded to be the first residential building in Europe to collaborate with TakeAir to create an optimal indoor climate.
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Update 3/5/21

We can now conclude due to ongoing research that we have obtained an improvement where we capture 92% of particles and 99% of particle mass captures, this with only an 8.2 Pa increase in pressure drop resulting in a total of 15.4 Pa pressure loss in our current set-up.

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