TakeAir is nominated for the Trends
Impact awards 2023

Most sustainable company of 2023 in the well-being category.

Trends Impact Awards 2023

The Trends Impact Awards are Belgium’s most prestigious awards and aim to recognise organisations and projects who are implementing (or have implemented) strategies which generate a positive impact and create sustainable value.

Not one but several Trends Impact Awards for equally impactful projects. The broad consensus towards ESG criteria and SDG goals makes it hard for companies to stand out in every one of the categories. Yet we still find inspiration across different domains in many of our Belgian businesses.

Putting the well-being of people first is essential for the health of the economy, society and nature. The project submitted by TakeAir focuses on the physical and/or mental health of people in the workplace and society. The post-pandemic explosion of well-being initiatives has shown that a one-sided approach does not necessarily improve people’s well-being. For example, a personal resilience workshop organised in a toxic organizational culture might ‘help’ employees to endure the toxicity longer, making the necessity to change the environment less imminent.

Trend Impact awards was looking at projects that recognize the shared responsibility of all stakeholders (e.g., employer and employee), and help ensure that people can live healthier lives, have meaningful jobs, and feel happy, stimulated and connected. Health and well-being are seen as an integral part of an inclusive economy, thriving society, and flourishing natural environment.

The judging criteria for the submittal focused on providing inclusive benefits for multiple stakeholders, showing a multi-dimensional approach to health and well-being and needs to have the potential to adapt, scale or transfer

TakeAir’s submission: Biospheric Air Treatment.

With our project "Indoor microbiome management for well-being of office workers" we aim to increase the exposure of office workers to beneficial microorganisms and to create a resilient and biodiverse built environment which in turn contributes to increased productivity and well-being.

The project with CBRE Investment Management (NL) at the New Amsterdam building in the Netherlands has been intense and dedicated cooperation between both parties. The project will provide reliable data to build predictive models linking productivity, indoor microbial landscape, and other IAQ parameters to lower airborne diseases' societal and economic impacts.

Evidence continues to show the intertwined function of our human microbiome and its importance in human evolution. Presenting scientific advances to how we can influence microbiomes through the built environment offer a paradigm change in how we view our current and future living conditions. The project also presents opportunities to change the energy consumption of costly HVAC systems. When the IAQ quality is maintained with microbial elements less humidity or fresh air is needed to maintain comfort. Thus resulting in smaller HVAC systems, decreased use of humidifiers and lowered air velocity.

The true definition of sustainable air is where we gain benefits from the air we breathe but also ensure a positive impact on our climate.

Follow our journey to discover why biotechnology is changing the nature of our buildings.

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