TakeAir supports ESG-minded Befimmo

News 10/03/22 - The recently announced partnership between Befimmo and TakeAir partnership is a great opportunity to research sustainability of HVAC systems.

Befimmo is a leading company in Belgian real estate, committed to sustainability. This perspective influences their partnership with TakeAir. As a leading company in the field, Befimmo is always looking for innovations and services to propel and assist their ambitions. TakeAir is an innovative BioTech solution that supports both the environmental (E) and social (S) aspects of ESG objectives. This match allows for a productive and beneficial partnership.

How Befimmo includes ESG aspects at the heart of its strategic reflection

Befimmo has several ambitious ESG objectives, not only for the Company, but also for its portfolio and its stakeholders. Their 2030 Action Plan includes more than 30 driven goals for all three ESG aspects. Objectives linked to governance (G) are considered “enablers”, having an indirect impact on environmental (E) and social (S) aspects. Objectives regarding Environmental and Social aspects represent concrete ambitions and achievements, therefore having a direct impact on the Company’s overall performance.

Since ESG aspects are a natural extension to Befimmo’s corporate strategy, they have become a force that propels the ambitions of Befimmo forward. Their TakeAir partnership to install and track Biospheric Air Treatment in the existing HVAC system at Fountain Plaza 3 building underlines that. Committed to creating greater value for stakeholders, tenants and employees working in the building.

How TakeAir supports ESG goals

TakeAir’s innovative approach is focused on creating higher value for real estate owners with less impact on the environment. This mission gets translated into the service itself in several ways. Regarding the Social aspect of ESG, TakeAir actively works towards improving the health and well-being of people inside the building. We do this through Biospheric Air Treatment: the filtering of potentially harmful airborne pathogens and the dispersion of beneficial microorganisms to boost human health.

TakeAir supports the Environmental of ESG too. Our carrageenan coating and unique beneficial microorganisms are nature-derived products, and the hardware is reusable, recyclable and does not require heavy industry needs. Our unique flow dynamics filtration also has significantly lower energy needs than traditional filters, which means a reduction of the operational and embodied carbon.

We are looking forward to implementing our service in the Fountain Plaza 3 building, to assist Befimmo in their ambitious ESG commitments through increasing human well-being and supporting sustainability.

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