Sustainability and tenant well-being is high
on the real-estate companies' agenda

A long-term proptech revolution for sustainability & tenant well-being is on the horizon.

A long-term proptech revolution for sustainability & tenant well-being is on the horizon.

It all started with a number of early signals. Wake-up signals that clearly show the revolution for real-estate companies are on the way. As soon as the early hick-ups become early warnings, the innovation got a grip. And everything came in a stream of acceleration. Now, trendsetter companies are taking the lead and offering completely original ideas and innovations that will change the real estate industry.

The ESG targets are instrumental to the real estate industry to shift focus from cost to built towards costs to operate and more important advantages in use.

That was the main takeaway last Thursday at World Trade Centre Amsterdam, during the ESG in the Air event by TakeAir & Building Connect, where the real estate & construction sectors were stated to be undergoing their most important revolution in decades.

"We have been ignoring the true cost of operating our buildings, the people inside." said Aad Vredenbergt, Business Development Manager of Workplace Vitality Hub, "Real estate investor mindset is changing, because they see more value in the buildings that have happy people inside, the buildings that care about tenant's vitality and well-being."

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Furthermore, a fundamental transformation in real estate is happening with the innovations, focusing on sustainable, energy-efficient technologies for the indoors that will improve building performance and its users' well-being. Investors today are evaluating the sustainability efforts of a company in deciding where to make strategic investments and the building users.

"If you implement innovation within the building, and even better, if you take it into account in the designing process, you can make a real impact. not only on people but the environment around it..." said Kelly Ruigrok, CEO of National Sustainability Institute, Global Sustainable Enterprise System &, highlighting the potential of innovations in proptech are not only for the indoors of the buildings, but the environment around the buildings.

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Green design ideas go well beyond energy and water efficiency to benefit our everyday lives.

TakeAir supplies a technology that is good for the environment and for people's health. Follow us on LinkedIn or visit our Science Hub to learn more about our upcoming events and TakeAir's technology.

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