Catch, kill and rebuild the indoor

Ongoing research shows significant improvement in capturing capacity Sea-Aeration

Bridging the gap between virology and real-life technical applications.

With our Sea-Aeration technology, we shed a light on the practical side of virology. As we developed a sustainable and natural solution in catching and killing viral pathogens in ventilation systems we continue our search for higher efficiency and no potential trade-offs such as energy increase or pressure loss.

Due to ongoing research, we reached an improvement where we capture 99% of particles and kill 99,9% of viral particles. Resulting in a total of 15.4 Pa pressure loss in our current set-up. Our research will continue to obtain even higher filtration capabilities with a limited increase of pressure loss.

With this evolution, we present an even stronger case for our ”catch and kill” exposure reduction strategy, what we call the Sea-Aeration technology. Very important here is that the wasted energy and associated energy bill cost is eliminated that would otherwise characterize more traditional filtration technologies. As these would only catch, we do not make the consideration between either catch or kill. Resulting in a safer system that is centralized in the main ventilation system.

Sea-Aeration technology
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