Pilot cases results 2023

Connecting nature with the technology and biology of the built environment

The Case for Biodiversity in the built environment

For the 2023 program, three buildings were selected. Building specifications and conditions showed an unprecedented challenge to start our research of TakeAir technology within a real-life environment. As the results show we conclude the program with some astonishing results.

In partnership with CBRE IM (Netherlands), Befimmo and Alides each company chose one building for the 2023 pilot program. Full details of our findings and results can be found below.

The pilot case's main focus is on the evaluation of the short- and long-term effects of air probiotics on the indoor air microbial landscape and continuous monitoring of indoor air quality parameters.

Executive summary

Key findings Befimmo & Alides:

  • Increased indoor microbial quality (30%)
  • Lowered dominance of indoor pathogens (20%)
  • Two-fold increase of beneficial organisms present.
  • A more diversified indoor microbial landscape
  • A drastic drop in fungal load for the building (64%)
  • Humidification systems were shut down, A strong indication showed that Biospheric Air Treatment helped remain humidity levels in the building.
  • Reinstated recirculation of air with no impact on absenteeism or sick leave due to Flow Gate technology

Key findings CBRE IM:

  • The analysis of microbial biodiversity and community types showed that the indoor air of the offices in block G was enriched with beneficial microorganisms that were supplied via the central ventilation system by TakeAir’s BioRemediation technology.
  • A drop in the relative humidity in Block G was observed when the volumes of AirProbiome were lowered, suggesting a possible link between BioRemediation and humidity. Further exploration of this encouraging inclination combined with the lower risk of infection when exposed to environmental probiotics could reduce demand for the high energy-consuming humidifiers.
  • With the successful application of our developed measuring protocol, we achieved a milestone towards the next step in which we will connect the microbiome of the built environment with the well-being and productivity of the habitats
  • The analysis showed that even high-performing buildings such as Vattenfall, despite the overall extraordinary air quality standards may experience incidences or periods when the concentration of air pollutants exceeds healthy levels


Read our in-depth findings about the CBRE IM pilot case

Befimmo & Alides

Read our in-depth findings about the Befimmo & Alides pilot cases

About the innovators

CBRE Investment Management (Netherlands)

CBRE Investment Management is on a mission to create additional value for your real estate and housing. As a strategic consultancy agency with multi-skilled experts, they offer an all-around vision founded on market expertise, international network, and size. As one of the largest real estate groups in the world, they want to create a true impact and change the industry for the better.

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Interview with Hans Staal, Director of Projects CBRE IM


Befimmo is an FIIS/GVB real estate investor and operator and a Belgian Real-Estate Investment Trust (SIR-GVV), listed on Euronext Brussels. They focus on office buildings, meeting centers, and coworking spaces, located in the main Belgian towns and cities, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Their portfolio is worth €2.7 billion, and comprises close to 63 office buildings and more than 950,000 m² of space.


Alides' mission as "your partner in real estate" stems from the family roots of the Ghent Group Maes (founded in 1892) and translates into a comprehensive approach with attention to quality, sustainability, and innovation. With the unique profile of an international real estate investor and developer, Alides guarantees a total approach with a focus on residential real estate and offices in cities and city centre locations.

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Interview with Geert Schockaert and Kelly Moerman, Project Supervisor & Manager at Alides

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