TakeAir and the Alberta Lung Association: sponsorship opportunity.

Seeking key signature candidate

AB Lung is currently seeking a key signature candidate who will sponsor the installation of TakeAir’s Biospheric Air Treatment for a 5-year period in the Breathing Space building. This installation will help provide the best quality indoor air for the lung transplant recipients who will fight to regain their strength and vitality at the Breathing Space facility in Edmonton, AB.

Launching Biospheric Air Treatment on the Canadian market

Biospheric Air Treatment is the exciting biotechnology solution from TakeAir, recently launched in Canada. The solution is based on the principle that the air you find in forests and at the seaside is inherently good for humans. TakeAir delivers this solution in 2 stages in the building's “lungs” (the HVAC system). C-Aeration and BioRemediation. In these 2 stages they deliver biodiverse air to the indoor environment in four steps: catch, kill, rebuild and connect. You can learn more about this process with the button beneath.

Bridging the gap between biotechnology and the built environment

Enriching the air with beneficial micro-organisms after removing the negative pathogens before re-circulating the air in buildings results in a healthy and balanced indoor climate for the main occupants of buildings…humans! You can learn more about the science behind TakeAir here:

Innovation with a social and environmental impact.

There are many considerations to be given to the successful sponsor, including tax relief benefits, media attention, nameplate recognition in the facility, and ESG credits and value, all of which are great. Most importantly, the successful sponsor will be making a highly visible and real difference in the recovery of patients and their families after the traumatic experience of lung transplant surgery.

Act now!

We are currently canvassing the market for the candidate to fill this prestigious role at the Breathing Space facility. If you would like to submit your proposal to be that signature sponsor or discuss this opportunity with us, please click on the button below and fill in your basic details, and we will contact you

David Downey

Want to discuss this unique opportunity with a TakeAir member? Please email: David Downey: david.downey@takeair.world, T: 403-389-3815