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Dr. Ir. Sylwia Jezierska - TakeAirLabs

"Outdoor biodiversity has a huge impact on indoor biodiversity, but nowadays, while we are filtering the outdoor pollution through ventilation systems, we also keep beneficial microorganisms out. If we are not exposed to beneficial microorganisms, our immune system will be very weak. That is the problem with the indoor air quality at the moment."

Aad Vredenbregt - Workplace Vitality Hub

"We have been ignoring the true cost of operating our buildings, the people inside. Real estate investor mindset is changing, because they see more value in the buildings, that have happy people inside, the buildings that care about tenant's vitality and well-being."

Kelly Ruigrok - The GSES System

"If you implement innovation within the building and if you take it into account in the designing process, you can make a real impact. Not only on the people but the environment around it."

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