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Collective health management mechanics in schools are the future

Winter is coming

The largest education union in Belgium is advocating for mobile filtration units in teacher rooms to combat indoor respiratory infections (DeStandaard 31/09). A defining first step we applaud. Single units have their purpose, but we must dare ask ourselves if this is a long term strategy? Seven insights on how schools need to rethink the indoor environment.

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PNP Real Estate & Construction - Finalist 2021

News 11/08/2021 - TakeAir selected as a finalist for international event Plug and Play, Silicon Valley

Healthy Buildings Conference - Hawaii, 2021

News 02/08/2021 - TakeAir selected to present Sea-Aeration at an international conference in Hawaii

The paradigm shift for enriched environments in buildings

News 19/07/2021 - Accredited company Vincotte supports BioRemediation of indoor spaces to achieve an enriched environment

Updated research on the antiviral capacity of Carrageenan

Update 07/07/21 - A closer look at the biological product in Sea-Aeration

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