Biomimicry principles with ecological services

Nature as a template for innovation, progress and respect.

We tend the indoor microbial biosphere to counter the dispersion of microbes derived from the human presence within the building.

We counter a critical imperfection of existing HVAC technologies that only decrease the transfer of pollutants from the outside to the inside, but they have no effect on confining

Biospheric Air Treatment in four steps





With sustainability at its core, our technology has a clear social impact with a biodiverse indoor microbial environment that mimics the beneficial organisms of nature. Making an environmental impact where we realise a reduction in energy and real estate-associated costs.

Catch & Kill with Flow Gate technology

The Flow Gate is an additional security step for your HVAC. Employing a centralised particle removal technology to catch airborne particles with high efficiency and low-pressure drop.

We plasma coat the Flow Gate matrix with a natural product ensuring broad antiviral and -microbial properties.

Digital twin & dynamics modelling

With a digital twin for the flow gate, we use particle and flow dynamic modelling to ensure minimal pressure drop and maximum particle catching with the existing HVAC limitations.
The retrofitted Flow Gate is calibrated according to ISO 16890 norms with a 90% efficiency (1-100micron) and <50 Pa pressure drop

Sustainability gains of the Flow Gate technology

Eliminate the vulnerabilities of air recirculation and microbial contamination of the HVAC

Add-on & Retrofitted to your HVAC

Calculated to HVAC specifications we ensure a low-pressure drop, high energy efficiency of catching airborne particles

Save energy, reduce carbon your footprint.

Activate & optimise recirculation for the air handling unit and cut significantly on HVAC-related costs

Clean technology with no harm for people or planet.

No waste or added embodied carbon due to reusable technology and coating applications

Additional stop against airborne particle pollution

A broad anti-viral and microbial coating on the flow gate for a healthier environment and HVAC system

Rebuild with the microbial benefits of nature

We BioRemediate the air by dispersing our designed microbiome into the HVAC. We enrich the stale and conditioned air to mimic the benefits one would find on a forest walk.

Providing a more balanced and favourable microbial climate for people to thrive in, boosts immunity, health and productivity. We call this technology BioRemediation

TakeAir's designed Microbiome

Air ProBiome S1 is a designed microbiome for indoor air treatment with several cultures of organisms creating a more microbial-balanced indoor environment, and increasing exposure to biodiversity.

This designed microbiome has the following beneficial properties:

  • Decontaminate air by removing toxic ammonia and VOC
  • Established human probiotic
  • Potential in lowering PM2.5 (made of ammonia salts)
  • Inhibit pathogens on the principle of competitive exclusion.
  • Stimulates the human immune system

The sustainability gains of BioRemediation technology

Most of us wouldn't drink polluted water, why breathe polluted air?

Deactivate humidification systems

Microbial enrichment provides benefits to overall humidity. Leveraging the opportunity to lower energy-costly humidification systems.

High quality work environment

A better indoor microbial quality improves workplace performance and user experience. With Biospheric Air Treatment we deliver a 30% increase in microbial quality.

High quality workplace experience

Increase employee attendance with fewer pathogens and fungi in the air. With Biospheric Air Treatment we lower the dominance of indoor pathogens by 20%

Inclusive technology with real social impact

Holistic and inclusive connection with nature for all by introducing beneficial organisms.

Connect & communicate your health commitment

Set your building apart in branding, communication, sustainable strategy and tenant attraction.

  • Performance of the Biospheric Air Treatment in real-time.
  • Performance of the HVAC system for biological and technical performance
  • Inside and outside air quality
  • A personalised message from you to your tenants

A safe environment and the well-being of people is the top priority.

TakeAir Innovation Programs

Deliver cutting-edge insights & metrics for the built environment

Microbial Indoor Biodiversity

This program is being developed to further determine and analyse indoor microbial biodiversity. This program is in full development

Local Biodiversity Assessment

An effective alliance between biology sciences, HVAC technics and ESG reporting is brought together.

Building Certification Credits

With our biotechnology, we offer an integrated, approachable, and easier pathway to achieving certain levels of certification for BREEAM and WELL programs.

ESG & Sustainability strategy for the air you breathe.

Strengthen your sustainability reporting by showing the clear win and impact your IAQ is making. Strategize and quantify the sustainability of the air.

News & Updates

TakeAir finalist TRENDS Impact Awards 2023

6/11/23 Update - TakeAir secured second place for the category well-being and a finalist spot for the category Global Impact. The Trends Impact Awards are an initiative of Trends together with founding partner PwC and with the support of Antwerp Management School.

Partner in the spotlight

28/08/23 Update - With 4Some Technische beheer as an innovative pioneer we realised an exceptional pilot study at the Nieuw Amsterdam building. In our update, we go in-depth into how the experience and expertise of these specialists in building management shaped this project!

TakeAir is nominated for the Trends Impact awards 2023

07/06/23 News - The Trends Impact Awards are Belgium’s most prestigious awards and aim to recognise organisations and projects implementing strategies that generate a positive impact and create sustainable value.

CBRE IM: Confidence and growth for larger scale projects.

09/05/23 Update - The partnership with CBRE Investment Management began in November 2022. In this update, we provide the full description of our New Amsterdam project and collaboration until now.

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