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Re-evaluate the existing policy on indoor air

Whether it is the current pandemic or a future one, we always have to control airborne contamination in a sustainable way and not only in Summer.

When Winter arrives, we will have to rethink certain measures. Act now and lead the informed citizen to your real estate.

A safe environment and the well-being of people will be top priority.

Red Marine Algae: the strength behind Sea-Aeration

Studies show the antiviral capacities of Red Marine Algae. It's possible to immobilize and inactivate viral pathogens, such as SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza.

The unique chemical structure of the Sulfated Polysaccharides in Red Marine Algae has shown promise as a therapeutic agent for respiratory weaknesses.

Sulfated Polysaccharides is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) (2021) as a helping measure in the health crisis, with its antiviral properties. It is considered useful in the fight against Covid-19.

Main achievements of the pretreated filter technology

  • High capturing capacity: up to 99 %;
  • Fast die-off of airborne virusses: log 2 decrease;
  • No bacterial growth on the filter;
  • No detachment from the treated filters;
  • Existing fans and motors will remain in use;
  • Installation does not require modifications to duct system.

Archaea Organisms: the strength behind BioRemediation

Archaea live in mutualistic relationships with other living things, meaning they provide some kind of benefits to another species and get something good in return.

TakeAir delivers this ecological process to the indoor environment, producing a hospitable and balanced indoor space.

A stable and varied indoor biome creates a living environment in which the fine-meshed mechanism of our immune system is at ease.

Our online database presents the vision, numbers and technologies behind BioTech Air Management and the concept behind Air as a Service. Start reading and understand why the microbial environment is the new revolution for indoor spaces.

Bridging the gap between science and practice

Our team of dedicated experts and scientists.

The authority on Microbial Resource Management

To discover the health-supporting effects of nature, we joined forces with Prof. Dr. Ir. Verstraete, one of the world’s foremost experts in applied microbial ecology.

Together with the University of Ghent, Antwerp and Genoa, we continue to research and improve our service.

30 years ago, we completely ignored the micro-organisms inside the human body. Now, we know these organisms influence our mental health.

Sylwia Jezierska

R&D Engineer at Avecom

Univeristy of Ghent, Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Bioscience Engineering
Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy we Wrocławiu, Master of Biotechnology

Jan Pralits

Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
University of Genoa

Associate professor in Fluid Dynamics at DICCA - the University of Genoa. I work in the fields of hydrodynamic stability, laminar-turbulent transition, receptivity, optimal control, shape optimization, bio-fluid dynamics and coastal engineering. I'm also a co-founder of wolf dynamics.

The leading expert on indoor micro-organisms

As chairman of the Dutch Indoor Climate Inspection Companies of the VLA (FME), Michel Van Veen played an active role in establishing the measurement protocol “Micro-organisms in the indoor climate and air treatment systems”, which has been a guiding document ever since.

“A great diversity of microorganisms is preferred to one single or dominating species. Therefore, bringing balance to the indoor microbiome with natural organisms is a perfect solution for creating a nature- like indoor environment.”

Our Articles

The latest articles about TakeAir

A new breath

Vinçotte is the first pioneer among accredited inspection and certification bodies to support the BioRemediation of indoor spaces in achieving healthier air. The A++ certificate of Vinçotte is not only proof of excellence and high standards. It is progress and innovation knocking at our door. Introducing bio-organisms to create a safe and healthy indoor climate is the only option for obtaining true excellence.

Update 7/07/21

In the continuing R&D of the Sea-Aeration technology which catches and kills viral pathogens in the ventilation system. We bring new insights regarding its antiviral capacity.

Update 3/5/21

We can now conclude due to ongoing research that we have obtained an improvement where we capture 92% of particles and 99% of particle mass captures, this with only an 8.2 Pa increase in pressure drop resulting in a total of 15.4 Pa pressure loss in our current set-up.

Revive x WATT the firms

WATT the firms is the leading and most innovative player for co-sharing offices on the market today. We are already providing bioremediation for a healthy environment, now removal of viral pathogens is the next step.

Housing project YUST

In spring 2019, YUST opened its doors in Antwerp. The housing project combines a restaurant, private rooms, hostel, and lofts for long-stay in one stylish building. Now, YUST succeeded to be the first residential building in Europe to collaborate with TakeAir to create an optimal indoor climate.

Motena brings forest to kids

An unprecedented amenity for the daycare Kidz Rumbeke, A first in the world where children have the benefits of forest organisms every day.