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Our core principles, people, and technologies

Re-evaluate the existing policy on indoor air

Whether it is the current pandemic or a future one, we always have to control airborne contamination sustainably and not only in Summer.

When winter arrives, we will have to rethink certain measures. Act now and lead the informed citizen to your real estate.

A safe environment and the well-being of people will be top priority.

Red Marine Algae: the strength behind Sea-Aeration

Studies show the antiviral capacities of Red Marine Algae. It immobilizes and inactivates viral pathogens, such as SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza.

The unique chemical structure of the Sulfated Polysaccharides in Red Marine Algae has shown promise as a therapeutic agent for respiratory weaknesses.

WHO (2021) recognizes the antiviral properties of Sulfated Polysaccharides. It is considered useful in the fight against Covid-19.

Main achievements

  • High capturing capacity: up to 99,9 %;
  • A fast die-off of airborne viruses: log 3 decreases;
  • No bacterial growth on the filter;
  • No detachment from the treated filters;
  • Existing fans and motors will remain in use;
  • No structural modification to air ducts.

Archaea Organisms: the strength behind BioRemediation

Archaea live in mutualistic relationships with other living things, meaning they provide some kind of benefits to another species and get something good in return.

TakeAir delivers this ecological process to the indoor environment, producing a hospitable and balanced indoor space.

A stable and varied indoor biome creates a living environment in which the fine-meshed mechanism of our immune system is at ease.

Watch the video to see how the system works

Bridging the gap between science and practice

Dedicated experts and scientists

Prof. Dr. Ir. Willy Verstraete

One of the world's foremost experts in Applied Microbial Ecology.

Prof. Verstraete is the managing director at our partnering laboratory Avecom.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Sylwia Jezierska

Prof. Jezierska is the leading R&D Engineer of our studies, in collaboration with our partnering laboratory Avecom.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Jan Oscar Pralits

Associate professor in Fluid Dynamics at the University of Genoa.

Prof. Pralits supports us in the evolution of the filter. Among other things, he is leading the development of our digital twin.

Head of Arco Info, Canada

David Downey is our enthusiastic and proud partner regarding the various dashboards and back-end software for TakeAir operations.

Strategic Partners


Avecom is an innovative spin-off from Ghent University that specializes in steering and optimizing microbiological processes.


Technolab is an independent Dutch laboratory specialized in the microbial mapping of indoor spaces.


Bronkhorst is the international leader in low-flow fluidics handling technology.

Arco Info

Arco revolutionizes your business with automated workflow solutions.


Lechler offers you a complete range of spray nozzle technology to solve many application requirements across a range of industries