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TakeAir is founded on the principle that the air you find in forests is inherently good for humans. But we completely lack these properties indoor.

That's why we have developed biotechnology that delivers biodiverse air which mimics the benefits of nature.

A sustainable PropTech solution to deliver environmental and social impact to a new generation of buildings.

Steps 1 & 2. Catch and kill airborne pathogens

TakeAir calls this technology Flow Gate.

  • Automated and centralized particle removal based on Flow Dynamics Modeling, ensuring high energy efficiency.
  • Catching and inactivating airborne viral pathogens.
  • Plasma coating with natural products ensures a broad antiviral spectrum and antimicrobial properties.
  • Zero waste for cleaning or reactivating the filter.

Step 3. Rebuild the indoor climate

TakeAir calls this process BioRemediation

  • Cloud-controlled BioDisperser
  • Designed Air ProBiome to boost health
  • Increased biodiversity of the indoor climate
Enrichment with beneficial microorganisms provides a healthy & balanced indoor climate.

TakeAir's designed Microbiome

Air ProBiome S1 is a designed microbiome for indoor air treatment with several cultures of organisms creating a more microbial-balanced indoor environment, and increasing exposure to biodiversity.

This designed microbiome has the following beneficial properties:

  • Decontaminate air by removing toxic ammonia and VOC
  • Established human probiotic
  • Potential in lowering PM2.5 (made of ammonia salts)
  • Inhibit pathogens on the principle of competitive exclusion.
  • Simulate the human immune system

Step 4. Connect: communicate your health commitment

Set your building apart in branding and communication.

  • Performance of the Biospheric Air Treatment
  • Performance of the HVAC system
  • Inside and outside air quality
  • Personalised message from you to your tenants
  • Biospheric Index Score
A safe environment and the well-being of people is top priority.

Service: what can you expect?

1. Free audit

Introduction to the building, the program, and proposal.

2. Certification program

HVAC Performance Review

Performance Analysis of the existing ventilation system.

Microbial mapping

Measure and determine microbial landscape indoors.

3. Installation and activation of Breathing as a Service

Retrofit and add-on installation while your building is in use.

4. Biospheric Index

Connect your building users through the dashboard.

5. Carefree service and recurrent monitoring

Enjoy the best indoor climate!

Act now and lead the informed citizen to your real estate.

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