TakeAir supports your ESG goals

How will buildings stay relevant?

Buildings have a crucial role to play and can be driving forces to maximize benefits for people and leave the planet better off.

TakeAir offers support for ambitious policy-makers to create true value for buildings.

Play a role in the search for well-being and safety.

Support health and safety

Providing a beneficial indoor climate for your building users means protecting their health.

Increase asset value & reduce investment risk

Research by McKinsey shows that a better ESG score translates to about a 10% lower cost of capital, as the risks that affect your business are reduced.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

With biology at TakeAir's core, your company invests in a reusable and recyclable system with no heavy industry needs

Greater social credibility

Tenants are choosing experience and ESG criteria over other merits. Buildings providers who aren’t aware of this will be left out.

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