Strategize and quantify the sustainability of the air.

TakeAir's biotechnology designs microbial-enhanced indoor environments

Strengthen your sustainability reporting by showing the clear win and impact your IAQ is making.

A new horizon to your existing goals and reports:

With TakeAir you can deliver:

The SDG impact of Biotechnology in the built environment.

  • SDG 3: Bio-enhanced air that is optimized and monitored creating an environment that supports people's mental and physical health.
  • SDG 9: By assessing the indoor climate in relation to the outdoor environment we can show the resilience of the existing infrastructure.
  • SDG 11: The centrally installed Biotechnology system of TakeAir reduces the environmental impact of cities and industries on its buildings.
  • SDG 17: TakeAir helps by providing high-quality reliable data by employing the latest sensor technology and survey programs.

The difference with TakeAir on your ESG report

Flow Gate technology

Energy-saving, sustainable anti-viral and microbial gateway for the HVAC system that uses natural compounds to catch and kill pathogens to create a safer environment.

BioRemediation technology

We enrich the air with natural microbial organisms and create high-quality living conditions.

Biospheric Dashboard

our IoT dashboard connected to IAQ sensors generates data and visualisation for all stakeholders.

Human Value Program

Surveys to determine the real health and productivity impact your microbial-enhanced air is making.

With TakeAir we bring understanding and a benchmark for your asset’s exposure to climatical, environmental and pathogen extremities that occur in and around the built environment.

We offer several services in achieving higher quality benchmarks.

Building design credits

Are you looking to strengthen your existing credit score, or just getting started? We offer several pathways in achieving your goals.

Local Biodiversity Analysis

To provide a holistic image (status quo) as well as remedies and quantifiable reporting. An effective alliance between biology sciences, HVAC technics and ESG reporting is brought together.

A holistic approach to the air we breathe.

So we can:

  • Appeal to talent and demonstrate how we promote health.
  • Captivate tenants and show how their health can thrive within your building
  • Get the attention of investors when you showcase your health strategies and ESG commitment.
With greater social credibility tenants will choose experience and ESG criteria over other merits.

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