Increase the competitive advantage of your real estate

Embrace the air revolution

The holy grail of revolutionary filters

BioTech Air Management reduces exposure to airborne particles mass by 99%.
Using a coherent central technology, we inhibit and inactivate viral pathogens without loss of pressure.

The cost-effective key component for all building stakeholders

Run your HVAC at full performance while delivering net energy and carbon footprint benefits for your business.
The investment equals the energy gain, so it's a no-brainer.

A future-proof add-on and retrofit solution for your building in use

Differentiate your offer, deliver the leading asset

Your investment property as a unique asset improving productivity, retention and occupant well being.
Maximize the benefits for all stakeholders of the building.

Air quality is the new amenity

The added value of BioTech is creating a turning point in real estate.
Increase the value of your building with a client-centric technology for your stakeholders.

The momentum for your real estate is now

BioTech as the new benchmark for healthy indoor air


Opening windows was never the solution

A new breath

Vinçotte is the first pioneer among accredited inspection and certification bodies to support the BioRemediation of indoor spaces in achieving healthier air. The A++ certificate of Vinçotte is not only proof of excellence and high standards. It is progress and innovation knocking at our door. Introducing bio-organisms to create a safe and healthy indoor climate is the only option for obtaining true excellence.

Update 7/07/21

In the continuing R&D of the Sea-Aeration technology which catches and kills viral pathogens in the ventilation system. We bring new insights regarding its antiviral capacity.

Update 3/5/21

We can now conclude due to ongoing research that we have obtained an improvement where we capture 92% of particles and 99% of particle mass captures, this with only an 8.2 Pa increase in pressure drop resulting in a total of 15.4 Pa pressure loss in our current set-up.

Revive x WATT the firms

WATT the firms is the leading and most innovative player for co-sharing offices on the market today. We are already providing bioremediation for a healthy environment, now removal of viral pathogens is the next step.

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Receive Air as a Service, lead by example.

Become the driving force behind the BioTech induced building revolution. Join the cause as an exclusive partner, shape the indoor environment of tomorrow.

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