Breathe sustainable air.

Reducing real estate costs with biological enhanced air

Biospheric Air Treatment by TakeAir:

A research-based BioTech that delivers a higher-quality indoor microbial climate

With a sustainable service to save energy, cut real estate costs and improve people's lives.

With the Biotechnology of TakeAir:

Six action points of the Biospheric Air Treatment

1. Increase cost saving per employee

Improving indoor microbial air quality is directly related to employee health & productivity.

Increase indoor microbial quality by 30%

2. Energy reduction cost for HVAC

Optimise recirculation and decreased activity for humidification systems, cutting real energy costs.

Biotechnology helps in creating sustainable air

3. Improve workplace performance

A diversified indoor microbial landscape boosts the immune system and improves health conditions

A two-fold increase in beneficial organisms present

4. Increase employee attendance

Decrease indoor pathogen dominance and indoor fungal load that is responsible for absenteeism

Lower dominance of indoor pathogens by 20%, and fungi by 50%

5. Provide a holistic connection with nature

Increase the presence of beneficial organisms, and bring the best of nature inside with an inclusive technology

Technology is centrally installed and services the whole building

6. Adapt and innovate your sustainability and ESG efforts

Modern metrics measure risk and reality, sparking the interest of investors. Winning the for talent and tenants with a high-quality workplace experience.

Act quickly to the market demand for high well-being performance buildings

Innovators & first believers

Watch our testimonials by our partners CBRE IM (Hans Staal, Director of Projects, Netherlands) and Alides (Geert Schockaert & Kelly Moerman, Project Supervisor and Manager)

Creating superpowers for your unique indoor climate

How we do it

BioRemediation: Indoor Biodiversity & Humidity

Dispersing our designed microbiome ProAirBiome in the HVAC system provides humidity improvements* with a more balanced beneficial indoor microbial climate.

  • Decrease in humidification-related costs
  • Impact employee health & wellbeing
  • Decreased presence of pathogen & fungi
  • Diversified and beneficial indoor microbial environment

Flow Gate: Save energy with an airborne particle security gate

Our natural & ecological coating of our Flow Gate is catching and killing airborne pathogens with energy-efficient retrofitted technology.

  • Optimize and reactivate your recirculation
  • Energy-efficient catching of airborne particles
  • Broad anti-viral and -microbial properties
  • Recyclable & ecological filtration technology

Dashboard for better workplace insights

Monitor portfolio performance & employee experience with modern data metrics.

  • Communicate health and productivity workplace experiences
  • Create a more attractive market proposition
  • Higher rental and tenant retention
This platform provides crucial building data and metrics for facility managers, HR managers, sustainability and financial managers.

Biospheric Air Treatment in four steps

Catch with the central installed Flow Gate, optimise air recirculation and save energy.

Kill airborne particles with natural and sustainable technology and reduce absenteeism

Rebuild the indoor microbial landscape with beneficial organisms and save energy by powering down humidification systems

Connect with investors, tenants, talent and employees in communicating your sustainable way of breathing.

The B.A.T system is a IoT-controlled and maintained system that is serviced by TakeAir HQ.

How we breathe with confidence

watch our explainer video


Scientific-driven supplier of biotechnological systems in the built environment

Innovative measuring protocols for Indoor Microbial Quality

Cutting edge sampling of indoor environments provides high valuable insights for HR & Facility Management

Biological approach for technological performance of building

Linking technology with biology we provide continuous insights about pollution and humidity in relation to health, wellbeing and HVAC performance.

Indoor biodiversity assessment of the outdoor environment.

A flexible tool that fits in multiple ESG frameworks developed for asset & real estate climate risk management.

Microbial friends inside

Microorganisms are increasingly recognized as key elements for human health and well-being.

TakeAir found a solution for the air we breathe to include their positive impact on the indoor environment.

30 years ago, we completely neglected the microorganisms inside the human body. Now we know these organisms have an extremely large influence on our health: We’re not making this mistake again by neglecting the effect of microbiomes in the built environment. - Prof. Dr.Ir. Willy Verstraete


Taking environmental action with social impact.

News & Updates

TakeAir finalist TRENDS Impact Awards 2023

6/11/23 Update - TakeAir secured second place for the category well-being and a finalist spot for the category Global Impact. The Trends Impact Awards are an initiative of Trends together with founding partner PwC and with the support of Antwerp Management School.

Partner in the spotlight

28/08/23 Update - With 4Some Technische beheer as an innovative pioneer we realised an exceptional pilot study at the Nieuw Amsterdam building. In our update, we go in-depth into how the experience and expertise of these specialists in building management shaped this project!

TakeAir is nominated for the Trends Impact awards 2023

07/06/23 News - The Trends Impact Awards are Belgium’s most prestigious awards and aim to recognise organisations and projects implementing strategies that generate a positive impact and create sustainable value.

CBRE IM: Confidence and growth for larger scale projects.

09/05/23 Update - The partnership with CBRE Investment Management began in November 2022. In this update, we provide the full description of our New Amsterdam project and collaboration until now.

The case for biodiversity in the built environment.

21/02/2023 Update - In April 2022 TakeAir started its new pilot case program for the complete Biospheric Air Treatment system. We present out conclusions and insights in this update.

Group Van Vooren: breathing air that is inclusive, sustainable and thriving!

15/11/2022 News - Group Van Vooren has found a clear advantage to improve sustainability and generate the highest quality of working conditions for the air people are breathing. The new HQ is the first beacon to manage and implement such innovation for future operations.
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