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Biospheric AirTreatment

The future of breathing in high-rise buildings

Attractive & safe indoor air

  • Safe indoor air: stops spread of airborne contamination
  • Bio-Economic principles support SDG's & ESG's
  • Contributes to lowering your building's carbon footprint
  • BioFlow filtration cuts down on net energy consumption
  • Innovative CleanTech & BioTech product development
  • Sensor technology monitoring & periodic audits guarantee optimal performance of the indoor environment
The future is now! The patented BioFlow filtration technology brings innovation and better air into your building.

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Your building's competitive advantage

with TakeAir

  • Exclusive TakeAir partnership
  • Meets high expectations of modern tenants
  • Media coverage of your future-proof buildings
  • Setting your health commitment apart from other buildings
  • Helps you reach your ecology targets with the reusable TakeAir filter
  • Game-changer in well-being and human value innovation

The war for buildings has begun.
Will your building live up to tenants' expectations?

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An exclusive indoor climate

with Sea-aeration & BioRemediation

  • Catch & kill 99% of viral pathogens
  • Mimics nature with patented BioTechnology
  • Can be installed retrofit & in new buildings
  • Welcome tenants into your hospitable and balanced indoor biosphere
TakeAir uses innovative bio-technology to catch, kill viral pathogens and rebuilds your indoor biosphere.

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Communicate your health commitment

with the Biospheric Index

  • Technology monitors your building and converts real-time data into intelligible communication
  • Show your tenants you care about their well-being
  • Win the war for talent by setting your building apart
  • The end-user can consult the interactive dashboard for more information
Check the score of your building before you enter.

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