The air we breathe indoors

Get the great outdoors inside

It's one of life's great ironies. To make your building attractive to people, it needs to feel more like nature. We cannot ignore it any longer: our living and working environment is exposed to pollution and contamination.

Our solution: Bioremediated air, free of viral pathogens. Want to step up your hospitality? This is how you can do it.

The key is microbial

A negative trend for our health is the elimination of all threats and our excessive hygiene. We shield our indoor climate from the outside world, at the expense of our health. As a result, TakeAir has come up with a new solution: applied biotechnology.

We create a controlled, varied, and stable indoor living environment for your building. Offer a setting to your people where they can come together safely.

Sea Aeration

Airborne particles are still the biggest challenge - the first phase in Biospheric Ventilation

Sea Aeration is the virus trap for your building, using favorable Marine Algae with antiviral performances. This technology is capable of catching and neutralizing airborne particles. It is located where it matters the most: your existing air ducts.

Our technology is supported by the WHO (2021) in their global research database in the fight against Covid-19


Bring the forest inside - the second phase in Biospheric Ventilation

It's the air to breathe that will lead people to your business. After neutralizing the viral pathogens with our Sea Aeration, we add favorable forest elements to your air duct. This is called Bioremediation.

At eight of our early adopters, the biological air treatment adds beneficial organisms in a controlled and monitored manner.

You could plant an entire forest inside your property

You can also decide to have a carefree biotech solution

Be the thought leader in offering people a better working and living environment.

Sensors help you grow as a sustainable building

Air as it is intended to breathe, as a cloud-controlled service

Imagine being in a building that creates its own indoor biosphere. A building that suppresses all potential airborne contamination and supports your immunity system.

As if that's not enough, it's also created to reduce your energy consumption.

Dashboards help you visualize your effort

A personalized dashboard for each user of the building. Guarantee a hyper-efficient and well-managed building and be relevant in the everyday life of your people.

The Biospheric Index attracts modern citizens with a high rated score. A competitive advantage that is unprecedented.

Monitoring helps you reach your target. Biological air treatment is the first step, keep building on your effort.

Provide a strong message. TakeAir offers communication tools for all your shareholders, clients, and partners.

Happy Cubics

We offer Happy Cubics to our existing customers. This is TakeAir's loyalty program, through which we offer our service to a good cause such as schools, welfare offices, ... Non-customers of TakeAir can also donate healthy air to charity.

Our expertise, combined with the service we deliver is what we call Biospheric Ventilation™

TakeAir Labs

Our commitment to change is further underlined in our partner laboratory. This community advocates for ambitious policies and welcomes like-minded people.


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