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Sustainable PropTech for bio-enhanced Indoor Air.

Microbial friends inside

TakeAir's innovation is catching & killing airborne pathogens and rebuilding the indoor climate with microbial friends,
as an add-on to your existing ventilation system.

Our certification programs build trust and attractive dashboards help you create awareness.

Research-based BioTech

Microorganisms are increasingly recognized as key elements for human health and wellbeing.

TakeAir found a solution for the air we breathe to include their positive impact on the indoor environment.

30 years ago, we completely neglected the microorganisms inside the human body. Now we know these organisms have an extremely large influence on our health: We’re not making this mistake again by neglecting the effect of microbiomes in the built environment. - Prof. Dr.Ir. Willy Verstraete

TakeAir Breathing Space: sponsorship opportunities

AB Lung is currently seeking a key signature candidate who will sponsor the installation of TakeAir’s Biospheric Air Treatment for a 5-year period in the Breathing Space building. This installation will help provide the best quality indoor air for the lung transplant recipients who will fight to regain their strength and vitality at the Breathing Space facility in Edmonton, AB.


that are taking environmental action with social impact.

How does it work?

ESG's, your competitive advantage

Building owners, real estate managers, tenants, occupiers and professionals across the built environment supply chain are crucial in advancing ESG and Sustainable Development Goals, creating low-carbon, resource-efficient, healthy and productive buildings.

“ESG now is no longer a fad, and definitely here to stay. It will disrupt business models, and the boards that lead and direct organisations with the right direction will ensure the success of companies into the future.” - Richard Rekhy

Achieve your ESG goals with TakeAir.

Biospheric Dashboard

Appreciation can only exist when there is awareness.

The Biospheric Dashboard is the way you communicate your health commitment, which makes people prefer your building.

News & Updates

Group Van Vooren: breathing air that is inclusive, sustainable and thriving!

News 15/11/2022 - Group Van Vooren has found a clear advantage to improve sustainability and generate the highest quality of working conditions for the air people are breathing. The new HQ is the first beacon to manage and implement such innovation for future operations.

Quantifying the sustainability of your building with TakeAir!

07/11/2022 Update - TakeAir offers renewed business cases to maximise your outcome in achieving environmentally conscious programs such as BREEAM and WELL with the air you breathe. Learn more about how to do this in the following update.

Sustainability and tenant well-being is high on the real-estate companies' agenda

24/05/2022 News - A long-term proptech revolution for sustainability & tenant well-being is on the horizon.

Networking event in Amsterdam!

Event on 19 May 2022 - TakeAir is hosting the networking event ESG is in the Air at the World Trade Center in Amsterdam, focused on providing an extremely unique experience, biotechnology for the built environment that creates indoor environments similar to nature.

TakeAir is joining Ghent Proptech Start-UP! Weekend as an industry coach!

News 21/04/2022 - TakeAir invites next generation of innovators and business leaders to focus on PropTech as a way to build a more sustainable future

TakeAir supports ESG-minded Befimmo

News 11/03/22 - The recently announced partnership between Befimmo and TakeAir partnership is a great opportunity to research sustainability of HVAC systems.
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