Catch and Kill Viral Pathogens

People deserve better breathing


The future of buildings

Bring nature inside with BioTech Air Management

Your real estate - Fuelled by nature

A profound paradigm in our ventilation and indoor air quality has a massive impact on our current and future building stock.

There is a paradigm shift happening in ventilation and indoor air quality. People demand a coherent IoT-backed approach with a lasting, sustainable effect. This Winter, we'll have to rethink the measures as everyone moves back inside. The road to your competitive advantage starts now.

Benchmark your building

Vaccines are virus-specific, so the next time new viruses or variations to Covid-19 threaten us, we will be in the same situation.

The level of trust in the air brings people to your venue. Maximize end-user benefits and deliver the leading asset.

The Catched, Killed - Rebuild Strategy for your real estate.

Air as a Service

Catch, kill and rebuild


Virus catcher
Marine Algae with antiviral performances

A breakthrough filter technology integrated into your existing air ducts.

Immobilize and inactivate 99% of all the airborne particles such as Covid-19 and Influenza in one ventilation run. A biological virus trap, derived from Marine Algae.


Forest organisms with beneficial performances

Enrich your environment with favorable forest elements and breathe in the best indoor air.

Improve the productivity, retention and occupant well-being of all building stakeholders.

Advancing insight into the pioneering approach to breathing indoors

Improved value for your real estate

The cost-effective retrofit BioTech makes your building future-proof. A system designed to promote energy efficiency and carbon footprint benefits. Your extreme client centric solution for all building users.

Add-on to your building-in-use, 99% of airborne particles are filtered out and killed with every ventilation run with a minimal consumption of energy.

Deliver net energy and carbon footprint benefits for your real estate.
Differentiate your offer with the leading asset in air quality.

Transparency is essential in a changing environment

Visualize the measures taken to achieve a healthy indoor environment. Your building is future-proof and communicates in real time with the end users.

The protect and promote strategy of your building, displayed in a real time score.


R&D BioTech Solutions for IEQ

Sustainability Vision

Long term solutions addressing social and environmental issues


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