Reduce airborne pathogens by 94% while delivering net energy and carbon footprints benefits.


The progressive add-on and retrofit upgrade for your existing ventilation system.

Integrate without expensive structural modifications in your building-in use and guarantee a safe environment for all stakeholders of the building.

The competitive advantage for your real estate. Attract people to your building.


The transmission route of infectious agents has a profound impact on our well-being.

In addition to the structural and traditional adaptations for safety in buildings, there is a microbial solution.

Bring the innovative BioTech solution to your public.

People leave your building in a better condition than before.


The first phase of Bio-Tech Air Management is Sea-Aeration.

This biological virus trap uses Marine Algae with antiviral performances.

Sea-Aeration catches and kills 94% of the airborne particles in a single passing.

The use of Marine Algae is supported by the WHO (2021) in their global research database in the fight against Covid-19.


The second phase of Bio-Tech Air Management is Bioremediation.

After scrubbing the viral pathogens with our Sea-Aeration, we add favorable forest elements to the air.

Your safe and healthy environment.

Improve the productivity, retention and occupant well being of all building stakeholders.

TakeAir offers a brand new and innovative service for real estate.
Still can't get enough about the story?

Ensure awareness of your indoor environment

Is your building still attractive that people enjoy coming to it?

TakeAir provides the knowledge and passion to tell the right story. See how Revive brings it:

Futureproof Bio-tech sensors deliver adaptability and resilience.

And when you think it couldn't get any better, picture this all being real-time monitored and cloud-controlled. While it creates its own indoor biosphere, it suppresses all potential airborne contamination and supports your immunity system.

You could plant an entire forest inside your building

Instead of having a carefree biotech solution...

Every new groundbreaking technology makes pioneering projects possible and brings exponential change curves. The scale and speed on which are more profound than ever.

Our technology, promote and protect strategy is in direct reach for your customer.

A profound paradigm shift in the way we think about indoor environment is having a massive impact on our current and future building stock.

Make people choose your building

The Biospheric Index visualizes your effort for a sustainable building and will lead people to it. Guarantee a hyper-efficient and well-managed building that people want to visit every day. This relevant and accessible Biospheric Index is consultable for your people, at any time from anywhere.

The Biospheric Index attracts modern citizens with a high rated score. A competitive advantage that is unprecedented.

Monitoring helps you reach your target. Biological air treatment is the first step, keep building on your effort.

Provide a strong message. TakeAir offers communication tools for all your shareholders, clients, and partners.

Our expertise, combined with the service we deliver is what we call Biospheric Ventilation®

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